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I don't know about you, but my kids are always wanting money for one thing or another and I don't want to just dish it out. I didn't have the option of chores or get an allowance as a child and I wanted my kids to have that. I didn't want to just hand them money, I want it to be earned, but I also didn't want to assign chores or make them mandatory. I wanted them to have the OPTION to do the work to earn the money. This way they learn that if they want to buy something, they have to work for it. They always have the option to do chores whenever they choose so they can have money for things they want.

These are the chore charts I made to do this. Of course they couldn't agree on a single theme so we have a chart for each of them. Zander chose Poke'mon and Kaiden chose Lego Ninjago. All the chores are on a round board for them to choose from. There is no limit as to how many chores they do a day. When they choose a chore to perform, they pull the marker down from the selection board and place it on their chore board under the first section. This shows that the chore is on the to do list. Once completed, they move the marker down to the bottom section to show that it is finished.

Between the 2 chore charts are pouches that hold punch cards for each child. Each punch is worth 10 cents. Each card has a value of $2.20 because I made too many punch areas. So when a child starts on a new card, I will punch it twice to put it in use. This way, they earn $2.00 a card.

The value of the chores are not set. They get an amount that I decide is fair for the work. If they have to be told or asked to do a chore, they earn less. If they do it on their own with no prompting, they earn more. If they do a great job, more, a bad job, less, and so on. At the end of the day I will punch their cards to give them fair earnings and return the finished chores to the selection board. On Fridays, they can turn in their cards for the cash.

We have been using these for about 4 months now and they have been great in that when they ask for something at the store or the book fair I ask them if they have money. They say no, and I get to say, why not? You have chores you can do anytime and you would have money to buy that. The down side is that they rarely choose to do chores on their own. If they really really want something, they will do a few, but never the harder, higher paying chores. But, that just means it takes more chores to earn enough money. The absolute best part is they now do their own laundry at ages 7 and 10. All of it! They wash, dry, fold, and put away their clothes. I LOVE not having to do laundry for 3! Laundry is the only chore they consistently do since they don't want to be naked at school.

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Step 1: Paint

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but its pretty simple.


-cookie sheets: I used 2 round cookie sheets and 2 rectangle ones from the dollar tree. Just make sure they are magnetic.

-screws to put them on the wall

-spray paint in your choice of color

Simply paint the cookie sheets and screws and let dry. You can add a layer of clear coat over it if you like.

Step 2: Print

Print the labels, punch cards and chores. I printed on card stock since its sturdier than paper.

Here I have included:

the images of the labels for the chore chart for both themes as well as the photoshop file so you can edit the name. You will need to have the fonts I used. You can download them at Pokemon font is called Pokemon solid and ninjago font is called aldo the apache.

the images of the punch cards and the photoshop files as well

the images of the chores that I used, an image of blank chore circles, and the photoshop files.

Cut out the cards, chores, and labels.

I laminated the labels and the chores so they would last longer and then cut them out again.

Step 3: Magnets and Mounting


-Magnetic paper sheet

-Magnet circles

Both have peel and stick backs

Use the magnet sheet on the back of the chore labels and put a magnet circle on the back of each of the chores.

Mount the cookie sheets on a wall.

Place the chores on the selection board and the labels on the chore chart.

Step 4: Pouches

This part looks a little confusing in the pictures. You just need to make a paper pouch to hold the punch cards.

I used a sheet of scrap book paper.

1. fold in half

2. place card on paper leaving a sliver of paper on the bottom edge. Fold the top of the paper down at the top edge of the card to mark the spot.

3. Cut on folded line you just made and discard the cut off part.

4. Fold it in half again hamburger style and cut on folded line. Keep one half.

5. Place card centered on paper and use a pencil to mark the paper on both sides of the card just a sliver away from the card.

6. unfold the paper and fold the sides using the marks you made.

7. on one half of the paper only, cut off the folded section so it looks like the picture.

8. On the half that still has the flaps, cut out a half circle from the top center.

9. Fold the paper back in half, fold the flaps down over the back and glue the flaps down.

10. Insert punch cards and tape or otherwise stick the pouches to the wall by the chart.

Now the charts are ready to use.

Thanks for reading and if you make your own, please share!

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    This is brilliant. Something like this would be just the thing to get my kids to get involved around the house. Especially with the Lego and Pokemon.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks! Hopefully it does work for you if you make one. I think themes make the kids more interested too.