Children's Coloring Page Journals



Intro: Children's Coloring Page Journals

Do you have some old coloring pages or just feel like coloring but have nothing to do with the sheets afterwards? Have no fear, you can make it into a journal!

Step 1: Materials

  • needle and thread
  • a few sheets or paper (printer paper works best)
  • your coloring sheet(s)
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • ruler

*if you are really attached to your picture, you can photocopy it like I did.

Step 2: Preparation

You'll need to choose a section of your coloring sheet to use as the cover of your journal. Find a nice section that has a lot of color or focuses mainly on the design, then cut it out. To measure the size of your journal pages, measure around your cover. your journal pages will be 1/4 inch shorter on both sides (the length of your journal cover - 1/4 inch x the width of your journal cover -1/4 inch). To cut the paper, draw the rectangle, which is the result of the equation previously mentioned, on one sheet of paper. If it fits on multiple times, go ahead and draw it as many times at it will fit. Staple all the sheets of paper beneath it so that the paper with the design is on top and cut out. You don't have to use a stapler, but I find that it holds the paper together well so that I don't mess up when cutting. It also saves a lot of time from drawing and cutting each sheet individually. Fold the cover and each sheet in half.

Step 3: Sewing Your Journal

You can sew any way you like, as long as it holds the pages in. I typically sew some large running stitches across the journal and tie it in the back and leave some extra string so that it can tie on the front, if that makes any sense. Of course, you could easily add a button to this project, and you can use all sorts of materials and papers, not just old coloring sheets!



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