Childrens Thanos Costume

Introduction: Childrens Thanos Costume

My son decided to be the Mad Titan Thanos for Halloween and probably several other random days over the next few years. This is how to make a comic/cartoon style Thanos costume.

Step 1: Items Needed

Super Glue
Hot Glue
Fabric Glue

Craftfoam-6mm, 5mm, 3mm, and 2 mm
Cushion Foam-Make it Green 2in X 18in X 18in
Cloth- 1/2 yard gold fabric
           1/4 yard smooth cloth (polyester) for lining
          2  blue long sleeve shirts (1 needs to be two sizes too large for the child)
1 pair batting gloves
1 pair cheap (or old) shoes
1 paper mache skull mask
Small amount of Shapelock or rigid plastic
Nylon strapping and buckle
Zipper-18in (will vary depending on shirt size)
Blue and gold thread
Infinity gems (use rhinestone stickers-easier to obtain)
A child
Cloth paint- iridescent gold and iridescent bronze
Masking tape
Sharpie (silver is helpful)
Black ballpoint pen
Gold paint pen
Paper (for stencils)

Exacto knife
Box cutter
Random knives
Sewing machine
Dremel tool
Measuring tape
Another knife
Paint/foam brushes
Cutting board
Glue gun
Approval from Mistress Death
Like two more knives, maybe three. Definitely three more knives.

Step 2: Mask

    Years ago I made a Hellboy mask and Hand of Doom for my nephew.  It had been use by him and his younger brother many times over at least four years. Somehow it still exists despite its many wears.  It was an experiment that turned out better than expected.  As soon as the task of Thanos came up I knew I wanted to use the idea again.

  Start with a paper mache skull mask. (Michael's craft store carries then around Halloween) This gives a rigid form to build on, and improves durability. Build the features for the character in layers of craft foam.  For Thanos extend the chin and build up on it.  (A skull with a wider than normal jaw is a plus here)  Cut out the eyes to be bigger.  Make a Shapelock bridge for the nose and cut out a much larger mouth.  (I have found that humans like to breath, the mouth does help but it is more to create the Thanos grin.)
If padding is added to the mask, plenty of air gets in from the sides and nose area.

   After a basic form is made, cover the skull in a thin piece of purple craft foam stretching it as you go.  Use hot glue to attach. 
 The nose can be formed by cutting where a fold occurs at the nostril and gluing the foam down with super glue.
 The eyebrow is a 6mm foam piece wrapped in 3mm foam and attached with a bridge piece.  Plastidip this and then paint gold.
 The top and sides are covered with blue cloth and a strip of gold down the center top of head. 
 Along the blue cloth at the jaw, add gold trim (with gold paint pen) to add detail.
 The teeth are a 6mm white piece of craftfoam.
 Add an elastic strap to back of mask and to random soft pieces on inside of mask for comfort.

Step 3: Pants and Shirt

Wanting the color to match, and lacking sewing skills, led to using two long sleeve shirts to make the pants and jacket/shirt.

Use an existing pair of pants as a template. Line up pants on top of shirts sleeves and trace the outline with Sharpie.  By folding the shirt, you can cut out both sides creating the legs of the pants.  Give room for a waistband and room for a hem.  Sew the crotch together and add an elastic waistband.  Hem the bottom of the legs.

The shirt is turned into a jacket.  This will make it easier to take on/off and to add the padding for muscle. 
Make sure shirt is 2 sizes larger to have room for the padding muscles.
Split the shirt up the front and install the zipper along the opening.
Add inverted U shape at bottom of zipper line.
For muscles cut out chest/shoulder/arms from 2inch green cushion foam. (see photo for example)
Abdominal muscles-cut out one side then split down the middle to make the opposite side.
**Use action figure or drawing for form the style is supose to be cartoonish**
Round out muscle edges by trimming the edges with scissors.
Pin the foam muscles inside the shirt and attach/sew polyester or smooth fabric as a backing to hold muscles in place.  This makes it easier to take on and off.
Add gold fabric trim along zipper line and bottom of jacket (see photo)

I did not take photos of this part. Included is a photo of foam pieces cut that were cut into unused forearm muscle shapes.

Step 4: Gloves/Infinity Gauntlet

I painted a pair of batting gloves iridescent bronze then iridescent gold with fabric paint. 

Stuff the gloves to make it easier to paint.  It will take several coats.

Do in advance, added dry time will avoid stickiness.

Use 6mm foam to make an armor piece for back of hand and bottom of thumb.  This is to add stones and cover logos. 

For the left hand, make holes smaller than the gems in the spots you want to add them. 

Coat foam parts with PlastiDip.

Use gold PlastiDip Metalizer or fabric paint.

Glue gems on with hot glue after scoring or sanding the backs of the gems.
    Tip-gluing from the back of the armour piece through the smaller hole created makes a stronger hold and less mess

Replace Velcro strap of glove with a elastic band and attach a cuff made from gold cloth.

Step 5: Belt

Cut belt shape from 3mm foam and a separate belt buckle.
Cover belt in gold cloth using fabric glue and hot glue gun.
Spray the buckle with PlastiDip then pain with gold cloth paint.
Glue buckle to front and add adjustable nylon strap and buckle.

Step 6: Shoes

PlastiDip cheap shoes.
Paint gold.

Step 7: Shoulder Armor

Cut out shoulder armor from 3 mm craft foam. 
Shape and split in back.
Add Velcro to back opening and elastic straps to go under arms.

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    2 years ago

    This is awesome, would love to get patterns for the mask [maybe the hellboy one too]. They're so cool and I'm so uncreative.