Children's Night Lamp




As children often want to have somekind of light during the night, I decided to make two of these for my brother's kids. Older boy is very keen on cars (suprise, suprise). I also wanted to have some kind of motion going on the lamp to give it a little "life". I found a picture taken from NFS video game and it seemed to be fine for the project. I printed out the picture twice and cut out the shapes which I wanted to highlight i.e. car, traffic arrows, windows. Black'n'white picture went behind the colored one and were laminated together. Casing is done by local plywood workshop. Lamp is touch sensible, for that I used QT140 touch sensor and all the switching and motions are controlled with ATtiny2313. Schematic doesn't look as bretty as I imagined it would be, but it's working for sure and as it will work forever without any repairs, no one never find out :P That's about it. 
Also a little videoclip:



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Yes it does. I had to make it little smoother or it would shine trough the car too mutch.