Chilli Chocolate Popcorn


Introduction: Chilli Chocolate Popcorn

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Chilli Chocolate popcorn
This is an awesome way to combine sweet and hot flavors and a great way to use up some left over hot sauce and sugar you have around

Step 1: What You Need


Hot Sauce


Plastic containers
Pan of boiling water


- I have basic microwave popcorn. I found some ‘movie theater’ butter flavor popcorn. You can use your favorite flavor microwave popcorn or you can make it the good old fashioned way with the kernels and a pan of oil.

- I used bakers semisweet chunks, you can use any chocolate you find

Step 2: Make the Popcorn

Use the microwave and cook according to instructions
Heat olive oil in a pan, throw the kernels in and cover with a lid. Listen for the pops, don’t burn, season

Step 3: Melt the Chocolate

In a double boiler ( a bowl over a pan full of boiling water ) melt the chocolate

Step 4: Popcorn

Spread the popcorn out in a tray

Step 5: Chocolate

Turn the chocolate out over the popcorn

Step 6: Mix

Mix the popcorn and Chocolate

Step 7: Make the Chilli Sugar

Put a few drops of hot sauce in the sugar - this is really fiery hot sauce so I only used a small amount.

Step 8: Mix

Mix with a fork until fully incorporated

Step 9: Sugar the Popcorn

You have to work fast because you want the chocolate to still be sticky when you apply the sugar so it sticks

Put the sugar in a sieve, push it through with a spoon.


Step 10: Fridge

If you cant wait and need to eat this straight away then go ahead. BUT you will get covered in chocolate. If you have kids expect chocolate hand prints all over the walls. If you can wait then fridge these yummy snacks for at least 30 mins.

You could try using colored sugar
You could try different flavor chocolate/popcorn

For the cover Pic I individually dipped the popped corn in the chocolate and sugar - You don’t have to do that unless your writing and instructable or working for a food magazine!!



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    6 Discussions

    My popcorn always ends up soggy when I add the chocolate, do you know how to fix this?

    Great instructable.

    I love "hot" in my chocolate - i put cayenne in my chocolate smoothies... -
    oh, and i like the hair!

    2 replies

    My favorite smoothie - lunch after a run - Mocha Fiber Protein Kick!

    1 banana frozen ( be flexible, can substitute berries or figs)
    1 c milk
    2 tbs raw oat bran
    1 tbs instant coffee ( reg or decaf as desired)
    1 scoop chocolate protein powder
    1 oz raw almonds (or nut of choice)
    1 tsp cayenne (adjust to desired 'kick')
    Ice to 20 oz total

    Makes about 20 oz smoothie