Chilly Bean Soup

Ever wanted something spicy and at the same time really yummy?
Well this is what you should try

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Step 1: How To

All you need is

A can or two of beans ( even better if you grow them) (also use the ones you love most)

Tomato sauce. ( Your favorite. Also - organic and non gmo is the best.)

Ground meat.


Salt, pepper and other spices

Put the ground meat in the heated up pan. You don't have to add oil. Maybe a little bit of butter. But most often ground meat will have it's own juice to cook in. When you see meat changing color to gray-ish start adding salt, pepper, chili and meat spices. Mix it all.

After a few minutes add the beans. Let it cook a little and then add the sauce. Mix and stir it up.

A little bit of water. Stir it up. Lower the heat the heat.

When it's done put it in the bowl, add your favorite cheese on top, maybe dill or Herbes de Provence (savory, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and other herbs.)

Done. Also you can have a piece of garlic bread with it.

Enjoy ;)

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