Chimney Cleaner

Introduction: Chimney Cleaner

I needed to clean the chimney of a new/old house I just moved into.  I looked online and found a couple videos of professional chimney sweeps using a chain flail to remove cresote and soot from a chimney so I came up with this design for my own chimney flail that uses weed eater line instead of chains. 

Step 1: Materials List

Materials needed: 
1 ea. - 5/16" x 6' all thread
1 ea. - table leg mounting bracket,
2 ea. - 5/16" nuts,
1 ea. - fender washer,
weed eater line. 

To make this simple chimney flail I bought a 6' length of 5/16" threaded rod at Home Depot for around $6.00.  I found the table leg bracket at the Habitat for Humanity RESTORE and paid a quarter for it.  The rest of the materials were on hand in my garage.  I call it the cheap sweep. 

Step 2:

To make the chimney flail I screwed a nut onto the all thread, then screwed on the furniture leg bracket,  Insert the weedeater line through the screw holes on the bracket as shown in the picture,  Now add a fender washer and another nut. Tighten everything down really good. 

Chuck the rod into a portable drill and head up to the chimney.  Run the flail up and down the chimney pipe a few times.  For a long flue you could use a 5/16" coupler nut and another length of all thread.  My chimney was just around 6' from the top to the dampener so I didn't need a longer tool. 

For a really dirty chimney I think you could replace the weed eater line with some steel aircraft cable. 

I was amazed at what a wonderful job this did on my chimney but couldn't find a camera to show before and after photos. 
Build one and give it a try, I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It works well because while there is only four bristles, they are each whacking the sides of the chimney at 1600 rpm or whatever the speed of the drill.


    Wouldn't you need many more bristles to clean a chimney....granted my only frame of reference is marry poppins.