Laser Engraver 2.5w A5

Introduction: Laser Engraver 2.5w A5

Hi guys, let me introduce to you this chinese laser machine that Gearbest sent to me.

Main Features:

● Support GRBL / Benbox software.

● aluminum structure that make it strong.

● Can be carved items included: Wood, plastic, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper...

● Can not engrave metal / aluminum / acrylic / glass...

● Soft material can print gradient effect.

● 2500mw 445nm laser

● 15cm x 20cm

If you want to buy too, see here: Laser engraver 2.5w

Step 1: Mounting and Unboxing

Download files for machine mounting: and use this pass: c1bf

This machine don't have manual, You can see this photos and easily mount your machine.

The unboxing video in portuguese.

Step 2: Electronics

It's easy connect the nema motors to this board, and the laser/fan.

Next, you only need connect the power supply and usb cable to control the machine.

Step 3: Software and Test

In the end, I used the Benbox software to control the machine, it works well.

You need first use Loader to upload .hex file to arduino, after configure Benbox with the values that we have on gearbest files and test.

This video is in portuguese.



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    6 Discussions

    Hi this is very good can you send dxf plaxsi model to my email?

    my email:


    2 years ago

    If you want to use greyscale you will need to do a PWM mod (switch jumper) and use T2laser software. Head over to where there is a forum full of information and helpful people. You can get a trial version of T2laser there.

    Did they make it so that you can vary the intensity to produce grayscale images?

    1 reply

    You cannot vary the intensity, but can give more speed for grayscale images

    excuse me but none of the links you gave work, where is the software?

    1 reply

    Hi, I tried now and the links works fine. Try now...