Chinese-Style Crawfish

Stir-Fry craw fish is a famous Chinese dish and snack.

The Chinese-Style Crawfish dish can be traced from Hunan Province in China since 1980s.
Most Chinese people started to cook craw fish in Hunan style, before spreading all over the China. I believe most of Chinese people have eaten this before and still addicted to this delicious spicy dish!

The style of cooking varies from one region to another

The common methods that can be used to prepare Chinese Crayfish
involve flash frying, braising, steaming, and stewing. Usually it takes 20 to 30 minutes to prepare, because the crawfish is very hard to be cleaned, you need to spend many time to clean it up. Also, the shell my hurt you anytime, you need to pay extra attention. Besides that, experience is important to cook this, a little mistake can make it taste strange. So, you need to practice several times to make it on right track.

The traditional Crayfish is normally served with garlic
butter on the beach close to where it is harvested

Craw fish are not only “hot” on street, but are also famous in restaurants.

Now, I would like to introduce how to cook this famous dish.


Step 1: Ingredient

  • One pack of Crawfish from Wal-Mart.
  • One big pot.
  • Bottles of Bear. ( Any brand you like)
  • 60 ml Peanut oil.
  • 250 g Broad Bean Paste (From Asian market)
  • 4 tea spoon Spicy sauce ( If you like spicy flavor, you can add more)
  • Half bowl of water

Step 2: Preparation

  1. Use brush to clean
  2. Put them in the sink
  3. Use water under normal temperature to defrost them
  4. After you defrost them, brush them, make sure you clean all of them.

Step 3: Cooking the Sauce

    Before you fry craw fish, you need to cook sauce first.

    1. First, pour 60 ml peanut oil into pot, and turn on the fire.
    2. When you find out that the oil is almost boiled, put Bean paste in it.
    3. Fry the bean paste until it mixed with oil. You need to use slice to mix them all the time to prevent the paste stick together.
    4. Until all of the paste mixed with oil, you can start next step.


    When you put paste the into the oil, the oil may splash out, because the paste contain water in it, that will make the oil to get splashed. So, you'd better wear gloves to protect yourself!

    Step 4: Stir-Fry

    1. Pour all of the craw fish you washed into the pot,
    2. Use slice to mix the "Bean oil" and craw fish together.
    3. Make sure you mixed them pretty good (stir them all the time).
    4. Do not fry, just mixed everything together.

    Caution 2 !!

    Same problem, oil splash! Keep your gloves on and protect yourself!! BE SAFE.

    Step 5: Dilute

    1. depute the sauce.
    2. add some water in it.
    3. keep stirring, make sure everything mixed again!

    This is the preparation for final step,

    Step 6: Stew

    1. Now, after everything done, you need to pour two bottles of beer into pot, just let the beer and water cover the craw fish.
    2. Then, cover the lid.
    3. During this '45 minutes', you need to stir them every 10 min, to make sure every part of them are cooked.


    • Beer can make craw fish taste better and also removes the bad smell of craw fish.
    • If the beer evaporate too fast, you can pour more beer during the "stew" step.
    • If you can easily to find a Chinese marker, you can buy some secret ingredient there. Such as Bajiao, Xiangye.Guipi. Also you can add some green onion and garlic if you like, while you stew the craw fish.

    Step 7: Job Done!

    After you stewed it for 45 mins, you can take them out and start to eat!

    Be careful, the shell of craw fish may hurt you! And just make sure to remove its head when you eat it. Its head is not tasty at all. Take off the shell from its body and tail, then, enjoy!



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      4 years ago on Introduction

      These look super tasty! Thanks of sharing this great-looking recipe.