Chinese Wonton Pizza Party

Introduction: Chinese Wonton Pizza Party

I love Chinese food, specifically I LOVE crab rangoon and wontons, I also love pizza...why not put them together and invite all my friends over!! 

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Step 1: Getting Started:

Ingredients: Small Head of Cabbage (you'll use about half), Sesame Oil, Cream Cheese (8oz), Minced Garlic, Crab (imitation or real, whichever fits your budget best), Ground Pork, Green Onion, White Pepper (you won't need very much)                           

Step 2: Get to Cookin!

Slice the cabbage and green onions very thin.  Sautee the cabbage in a pan with some sesame seed oil on medium heat until it becomes just soft.  Set the green onions aside for use later.  Cook the ground pork, no seasonings.  Make wonton dough, I used this recipe and it worked great!      Although, don't cut up the dough (after it's rolled out with rolling pin) into small triangles; leave the rolled out dough as large as you can make it.  Open 8oz package of cream cheese, place in a microwave safe bowl and heat up to make soft.  Once soft, add minced garlic (in the amount to your liking) and white pepper to taste.  Get the crab out of it's packaging and slice or tear or mince and set aside for pizza topping. 

Step 3: Party Time!

Heat up oil in a 2inch deep pan.  Make sure it is hot but not burning.  Also, start the oven broiler and set it to normal.  After the oil is up to frying temp ( I used 7-8 heat setting on my stove top), drop in the large, thin, rolled out pieces of wonton dough...this is your pizza crust.  Fry and flip until both sides are done, then set out on paper towels to drain off excess oil.  After drained, take your cream cheese mixture, and smear it on your pizza crust carefully so as not to break the wonton crust into bits.  Then add all of your toppings you desire!  This is why it's a fun party food, everyone can make their own personal wonton pizzas!  Once toppings are on your crust, put in broiler for only a few minutes.  You just want to warm up your toppings and crisp the wonton a little bit more. 

Step 4: Enjoy!

Remove from broiler, slice into pizza pieces and enjoy!!  I broke the duck sauce, soy sauce, any and all you like and dip or drip away!!

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