DAQopter is a data acquisition and monitoring system for a wide range of signals: video, distance measuring, temperature measuring, GPStracking, collected in various envrironments via a hexacopter drone which is controlled over the wireless using the Digilent chipkit Wi-FIRE board and an Android device for overall system control and mobility.

The hexacopter drone is a carrier of sensors and it will fly over a long distance or hardly inaccessible environments by the humans in order to acquire digital data useful for the control, for processing or for predictions.

Thus, there will be secured the access to remote or hardly accessible places without the need of being there in person. Our system will do the job of remote and wireless data collection, centralised storage and intelligent predictions.

Hardware necessary:

- chipKIT™ Wi-FIRE

- chipKIT PGM Programmer/Debugger

- GWS Servo Kit

- Flame Wheel ARF KIT

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