Chloe's Chili By: Layla Essett Age 8

What did you Make?
I made a restaurant, because when I grow up I want to own a restaurant. I want to own a restaurant because I really like making food and eating food. 
How did you make it?
I used cardboard for most of it. I also used mini bottles, old magazines, aluminum foil and clay. It was hard to get the cardboard pieces exactly the right size. I built the box myself too, and it was challenging to get the pieces to fit together and to be even on the top. 
Where did you make it?
I made it in the art room at the boys and girls club.
What did you learn?
I was really proud of myself because I worked on this all by myself. I only had someone help me cut the cardboard pieces because members cannot use the cutting knife at the boys and girls club. I learned that if I work on something for a long time I can make it look really good, and be proud of all of my hard work. 

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