Introduction: ChoFFity

This one's a cool unusual blend of Chocolate, Coffee and Tea. Yeah, you probably guessed it right! That's what the name 'ChoFFity' is made of..! This is made up of very basic ingredients and can be found in everyone's kitchen. When made right, you will enjoy it a lot! So let's begin.!



A glass of milk (approx. 200mL)
1/2 tsp Tea flakes
1 level tsp Coffee powder (Cappuchino will do great)
1 level tsp Cocoa powder (unsweetened)
2-3 tsps Sugar
1 tsp peel of butter (Optional )


1. Take 1/4th glass of the milk in a microwave safe glass and put the tea flakes in it. Microwave it at maximum until the milk starts to boil .

2. Take out the glass and mix with a spoon.

3. Filter the milk and tea flakes mixture into another glass.

4. Add the sugar, cocoa, coffee and beat it using a beater or a spoon. Beater should give a better foam. Continue to beat well until u get a nice thick foam.

5. Once done, add the remaining milk and butter and microwave it again for half a minute at maximum.

6. Beat again, just to ensure uniform flavor throughout.

7. Enjoy :)

Beating the surface will give a good immediate foam. Sugar can be adjusted according to your likes. You can opt for adding a bit heaped teaspoon of cocoa for a stronger flavor, but u will need to necessarily put 3 teaspoons of sugar, to avoid bitterness.

Avoid butter, and stick to only level teaspoon of cocoa. Sugar needed should automatically come down.

I hope you like this recipe. Do post comments and suggestions . I do not have the pics of this recipe right now, I will upload it around in a week.

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