Choc-Marshmallow Drops in 3 Easy Steps!




Intro: Choc-Marshmallow Drops in 3 Easy Steps!

These marshmallows snacks are also known as snow drops and can be created in 3 simple steps. The result is a batch of scrumptious marshmallows covered in melted chocolate!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

All you need is.....
1x bar of chocolate
1x packet of big marshmallows
1x baking tray
1x sheet of baking paper

Step 2: Spread Out Your Marshmallows

Place your baking paper on the tray. Place your marshmallows on the tray- make sure you leave a gap in between each marshmallow so that they don't stick together!

Step 3: Melt Your Chocolate

Melt your block of chocolate!

Step 4: Marshmallows + Chocolate = Yum!

Cover each marshmallow in the desired amount of chocolate and let the chocolate set or enjoy right away!

Step 5: Alternatively...

Another tasty option is simply dipping the marshmallows in the melted chocolate: it tastes just as delicious!



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