Choclate Coconut Fudge and Beetroot Coconut Fudge



Introduction: Choclate Coconut Fudge and Beetroot Coconut Fudge

-we all like choclates especially kids.

- I prepared mouth watering desert by adding coconut and choclate and it turned very tasty.To make it even more healthy and colorful i also tried beetroot coconut fudge.

-this is prepared very easily with few ingredients.

Ingredients for beetroot coconut fudge:

-1/2 cup grated beet root(Boiled or fresh)

-1/2 cup shredded coconut

-1cup sweetned condensed milk

-Butter 3 tsp

-cardamom powder

-nuts and raisins

Step 1: First Step:

-Grate beetroot and keep it ready.

-Take a vessel and add butter to it. when butter melts add 1/2 cup shredded coconut and roast at very low flame for few minutes.

Step 2: Add Grated Beetroot and Condensed Milk:

-Add 1/2 cup grated beetroot .I used grated boiled beetroot .you can even use unboiled one.just need to cook for moretime if using unboiled .

-Add 1 cup of sweetened condensed milk and give a mix.Maintain very low flame and mix slowly.

Step 3: Cook Until Mixture Thickens:

-once moistures comes out from mixture and it becomes thick add cardamom powder and mix.

Step 4: Transfer to Greased Plate:

- Transfer to butter or ghee greased plate.
-As we are using sweetened condensed milk iam not adding any sugar

Step 5: Refrigerate for Some Time

-Garnish with your favourite nuts and raisins. Make incision cuts with knife and refrigerate for some time.

-cut in to slices and enjoy the dessert:)

Step 6: Choclate Coconut Burfi

-Method used is same again except we are adding melted choclate to it. you can even add cocoa.


-shredded coconut

-melted choclate

-sweetened condensed milk


Step 7: Procedure:

-Take butter in vessel. when it melts add shredded coconut and roast for few minutes in low flame.

-Add condensed milk,melted choclate and cook for some time on low flame.

-when mixture comes together transfer to greased plate,refrigerate and cut in to slices.

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