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Introduction: Chocolate Bavarian Mice

This is a dessert I made for my friend's Mother's day dinner. My friend has 3 daughters, 8 grandchildren and a nephew that came to my house with her and her mom. Since mice have lots of cute little babies, I thought little  mouse cakes were the perfect symbolic dessert for a Mother's day dinner party.

The Mice are made with devil's food cake cut into wedges. They are then topped with "Bavarian Creme" made with white chocolate instant pudding (made with only 1 cup of milk instead of two) that is allowed to firm up.  Then a large tub of whipped topping  is folded into the firm pudding. This "Bavarian Creme" is piped onto each wedge of cake and frozen until firm. Then a simple chocolate ganache (glaze) is made of equal amounts of chocolate chips and heavy or whipping cream, and cooled to body temperature. The frozen cakes topped with "Bavarian Creme are then dipped into the chocolate ganache (glaze), and set on a rack over a pan, and placed into the refrigerator until the decorations are ready.
The ears are slices of marshmallows that are flattened out with powdered sugar, painted with red or pink food color and sprinkled with granulated sugar. The eyes are slices of marshmallow that are split, but not all the way through, and then M&M candies are applied, then the sticky parts are pressed into granulated sugar. The noses are Boston Baked bean candies and the tails are thin strips of Fruit roll up candies that have been cut with scissors.
Equipment You need:  some mixing bowls, a metal spatula, a rubber spatula, 2 sheet pans or cookie sheets and a cake rack, scissors, a double boiler. a gallon freezer bag, a non stick plastic pan liner or a plastic cutting board, 2 round cake pans, measuring cups, plastic wrap, Non stick spray, parchment paper to line pans (optional), a whisk, a candy thermometer (if you prefer not to test the temperature of the cream with your fingers), a refrigerator and a freezer.
Once all the decorations are done and the cakes are topped and glazed, you just place the eyes and ears over the pointed end of the cakes, put a Boston Baked Bean ( or other red candy) on the point as the nose, and attach the tail. The only thing left to do at this point is use a spatula to lift them off the rack and put each cake onto a plate, or a piece of sandwich paper or a large cupcake liner. Oh yeah, and eat them up!

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