Chocolate Biscuit Pudding





Introduction: Chocolate Biscuit Pudding


Marie Biscuit 6 packets
Astra 150g
Cocoa Powder 50g
Eggs 6
Incing sugar 200g
Milk 3/4


Seperate the egg white and the egg yolk. Beat the egg white until it becomes a cream, then beat the egg yolk. After beating the egg yolk,add butter, incing sugar, and cocoa powder. Add egg white to the egg yolk mixture. Add vanilla. 
After the chocolate cream is done, soak the biscuits in milk for about  5 minutes. Arrange the biscuit in a dish. 
Apply the  chocolate mixture on top of the biscuit layer. Layer it twice,as its done before and finally sprinkle peanuts over the top..

Place it in the freezer for two hours



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15 Discussions

can u tell me how mant people???

Wow it's amaizing.thank you for the recipe of choclate biscuit pudding

I'm confused. You use eggs for this recipe? Don't you have to bake it?

1 reply

No need to bake anything here, just follow the instructions.

I made this and it's really delicious... Thanks for the recipie.

Thankyou so much for the instructions. It was really helpful. :) :)