Chocolate Brownie Sundae

Hello everyone, today i will show you all how to make this delicious chocolate brownie sundae

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Step 1: Ingrediants

The ingrediants for the ice cream

1 vanilla pod
4 egg yolks
300ml full-fat milk
300ml double cream
100g golden caster sugar

Ingrediants for chocolate brownies

100g cocoa
250g butter
500g golden caster sugar
4 eggs beaten
100g self-raising flour

For the topping

Squirty cream
Melted chocolate

Step 2: Making the Ice Cream

Place a container in the freezer. Cut the vanilla pod in halve lengthways, with the tip of the knife scrape out the vanilla seeds. Put the cream,milk and vanilla seeds into a pan, and bring to the boil stirring constantly, turn the heat off and leave to infuse for a couple of hours. In a mixing bowl whisk the eggs and sugar untill its pale and fluffy.
Put the vanilla cream back on the heat untill about to boil then sieve into the yolk and sugar mixture, beating with the whisk untill completely mixed. Get a large bowl and add some water and ice then sit a smaller bowl on it.
Pour the mixture back into the pan and cook on the lowest heat for ten minutes untill thickned making sure the spoon touches the bottom of the pan. Strain the mix into the bowl thats on the ice water, leave to cool then churn untill scoopable, move to the container and put into the freezer stirring every 30 minutes untill its to hard to stir.

Step 3: Making the Brownies

Heat the oven to 180C/160C fan/ gas 4. Line the base of a 21 cm square tin with baking parchment. Put the sugar butter and cocoa in a sauce pan and gently melt stirring so the mix dosen't catch. When the mixture is melted and combined cool slightly, then stir in the eggs little by little then add the flour. Put the mixture into the tin and cook for 55 mins, when done take out of oven and leave to cool, cut into squares.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Take a brownie squere and put it into the cup, take a big scoop of ice cream and add that in aswell, get the squirty cream and squirt some on top of the ice cream, and finaly pour some melted chocolate on top of it.

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    4 years ago

    Hi spuid it looks really cool I might even try it out one day


    5 years ago

    Looks delicious!