Chocolate Cherry Bites




I have made these cherry chocolate bites ever since I first created the recipe in 2013. They are a quick and easy snack that is perfect to serve to guests. My whole family always begs for me to make these. I hope that you enjoy them as well.

Step 1: Ingredients

The ingredients for this wonderful recipe are found in the average kitchen pantry. They are as follows.

  • Graham crackers (Quantity depends on how large your bowls are)
  • 1 1/4 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips*
  • 1/4 cup of whipping cream
  • 3 teaspoons of cherry or raspberry preserves
  • Around ten cherry's
  • 1 Teaspoon of melted butter

*I always like to add more chocolate chips, but it is up to you.

Step 2: Chocolate Cream

Grab a medium sized microwave-safe bowl, and begin to combine the chocolate chips, whipping cream, and cherry jam. Proceed to microwaving on medium heat (50%) for one whole minute. Remove from the microwave and stir. For an easier clean up, spray spoon used for mixing with cooking spray. If the mixture is not melted, then return the bowl to the microwave and once again microwave on medium for a minute, stirring every thirty seconds to avoid scorching. Stir until smooth.

Step 3: Create Crust

Crunch up graham crackers in a plastic bag until they are a fine powder. Take your melted butter and stir it into the graham crackers until fully mixed. Fill the bottom of small bowls like the ones pictured above with this crust. Use pressure to stick it to the base.

Step 4: Assembly

Spoon your melted chocolate mixture evenly into your bowls on top of crust. Top each piece with a cherry half. Put cherry chocolate bites into refrigerator until the chocolate is solid. Now you can enjoy immediately or store them in an airtight container for up to three days. Enjoy!

Step 5: The Best Part!

Enjoy eating these by yourself or with friends. They are sure to be a huge hit at parties, and it takes so little time and supplies to make this. Thanks for reading my post!



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you! Also thanks to everyone who has left a comment.


    2 years ago

    These look sooooooo good :O


    2 years ago

    I haven't made them but I've tasted them. So simple yet so amazing tasting. Tastes like hours of effort. Yum!


    2 years ago

    These look awesome! Chocolate and cherries are the perfect combination!


    2 years ago

    Thank you for reading my recipe! I hope you decide to make it yourself!