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Introduction: Chocolate & Cookies Christmas Trees

This is a delicious variant from the traditional cookie Christmas tree, which mixes some good home-made butter cookies with delicious chocolate, making it an authentic “season greeting”... Christmalicious!!

Step 1: You'll Need...

For the cookies, you will need:

-1 stick of butter (1/2 cup)

-1 ½ cups of flour

-A little bit of salt (a dash)

-4 large spoons of sugar

-1 egg

Step 2:

First melt the butter (like 20 secs in microwave) and remove it until it gets creamy. Add the flour and the salt sifting them (pass the trough a strainer), and mix. It’s better if you mix it with your hands. The result has to be sandy-like, and you could be able to make balls with it.

Step 3:

In a small bowl, combine the egg and the sugar, make an uniform mixture using a spoon with evolving movements. Add this to the flour-butter-salt mixture and revolve it with your hands until you get an uniform non-sticky and soft dough.

Step 4:

Use an anti-sticking cooking spray to spread the oven tray where you are going to bake the cookies. Prepare your favorite star cookie cutters; they can be any size or material, also have some flour near to you to avoid the dough sticking to the working surface or the roller. Use wax paper to cover the surface and make it easier.

Take the dough, place it over the wax paper and dust it with flour, then use the roller to expand it and make it thinner. When ready (not too thin, like .12’), cut (mark) the stars that you consider you’ll need. When ready, be gentle and take out all the unused dough. Place the stars on the oven tray and put them in the oven. Let them cook 10 minutes, it can be a little more. Remove the cookies from the oven when they start to look a little bit toasted, just a little bit.

Step 5:

For the decoration you’ll need:

-Sugar silver pearls

-Candy stars

-Semi-dark chocolate

Step 6:

Fist, get a pan and fill it with water, just the middle, then, put the chocolate in a bowl, measure cup, other pan, anything that would fit inside the fist one. With one pan inside the other, put the on the stove and star melting the chocolate, add to it a little butter, like half tea-spoon. Melt them.

Step 7:

Get your cookies ready, make some tree-like combinations, and get the one that you most like. Start pouring a little bit of chocolate over the bottom cookie (it has to be the biggest one) and place over it the second cookie, then pour chocolate over this one, and place over it the third cookie, do this until you get to the last and smallest cookie. The quantity of chocolate has to be enough to get the cookies together, have in mind that the next step is to decorate the tree with more chocolate.

Step 8:

When the tree-shape is ready, now with a spoon, pour the chocolate over it, decorating. Cover it as much as you like. Then, place the star on the top and the sugar silver pearls like Christmas balls.

Let it dry, and enjoy your Christmalicious treat!!

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    Really doesn't look like a tree. It needs more height and maybe smaller cookies.