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Introduction: Chocolate Banana

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These yummy, easy to make snacks are sure to get you some hugs. Kids just love it. My kids Mahi and Sid were so excited that they help me make it and we tried some fun creation like covering it will Chia seed coconut. You can make it for parties and store them in the fridge for about a day or more. No kidding this is our new Fav 4 O'clock Snack

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Step 1: What U Need

-2 Banana

-Parchment papper

-Chocolate ( I like dark chocolate but you can pick any kind you like )-1 pound broken into small parts

-Glass bowl for microwaving


- Chia seeds half cup.

-Sweeted Coconut half cup

- Chopped Walnuts half cup

Step 2: How to Make It

-First cut the banana in circular shape, a half inch in thickness. I just cut it without worrying about the length.
-Then take a large Parchment paper and layer one row of chia seeds and another of sweet coconut and chopped walnut. The picture above will make these two steps easy to understand.

-Now for melting the chocolate there is the traditional water bath method but I do it the easy way in Microwave. Follow the instruction carefully and your chocolate will melt nicely and not become lumpy. If you are not using the small chocolate chips, then break the chocolate into small pieces. Now set the microwave timing for 3 min and power to 6. Press the start button and every 30 second remove the bowl from the microwave and stir it thoroughly. Repeat this process till the chocolate has melted.

-Dip one by one the banana into the chocolate mix and remove it quickly once it is covered with chocolate.

-Lay each on the bed of chia seed or coconut row.

-Once all the banana are covered with chocolate then let it sit there or put the tray in the fridge.

-Remove it in an hour from the fridge and there you have your lovely and delicious chocolate covered banana candy.

-Serve chilled

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