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Introduction: Chocolate Drizzled Bourbon Pecan Pie

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Chocolate Drizzled Pecan Pie a definite indulgence!  A gooey filling with crunchy pecans surrounded by a flaky orange scented vinegar crust, a North American classic pie with a twist. I hope this step by step pie demo helps you in the kitchen. It's easy enough for beginners. You'll be the hit at your next partay!

Step 1: Ingredients and Technique


Vinegar Pie Dough:
2 1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup (Crisco) shortening cut into cubes
1 egg; beaten
1 tbsp white vinegar
1 tsp grated orange peel
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
Place flour, salt, baking powder and orange peel into a food processer, drop in shortening cubes. Pulse to break into large pea size pieces.
Whisk the egg and vinegar together. Pour through the feed tube.
Continue pulsing until mixture becomes raggedy.
Add 2-4 tbsp ice water a little at a time while pulsing machine bringing the mixture into a ball.
Don't add too much or it will be mushy!
Take the top of the processor off and the blade, knead the dough together while in the bowl. It should stick together forming a dough. If it is too dry add 1 tbsp of water at a time until it forms a dough. Wrap in plastic, refrigerate for 1-2 hrs or overnight.
Roll pastry between two lightly floured pieces of wax paper. Cut them to approx. 12" lengths.
Peel back every few rolls to allow the pastry to spread without touching the dough. Flip and continue peeling, flipping and sprinkling lightly with flour, until you have achieved the size of the pie plate, with a generous 1" overhang.
Peel back one layer of wax paper and place the pie plate upside down onto the dough. Place your hand under the wax paper and flip the dough into the pie plate. Peel the sheet off. Cut a 1" overhand around the dough.
Roll the overhang under neatly.Using two fingers pinch the dough to achieve a decorative look.

Dock the pastry (pierce with a fork) to allow steam to escape.

Step 2: Filling Ingredients

1/3 cup each brown sugar & white sugar
1 cup corn syrup
2 tbsp dairy free margarine, melted
1 tbsp orange zest
3 tsp orange juice
1 tbsp bourbon
1 cup vanilla creamer
3 lg eggs

2 cup pecan halves, slightly toasted (350F for 10min, allow to cool)
Place 1st 7 ingredients into the stand mixer and blend well on medium high.  Add the eggs and mix together to incorporate, just until blended, otherwise the pie will rise and fall.
Sprinkle the toasted pecans over the pie dough evenly. Place flat side down, if you can.
Stir the filling to incorporate the ingredients and pour over the nuts, making sure you coat every nut. This will add a shine and sugary crunch to the finished product as some will float.
Bake in a preheated 350F for 40-50 min until golden on top. Cool to room temp.

Step 3: Chocolate Drizzle

Chocolate Drizzle:
Place 2 oz. 90% dark chocolate + 1 tbsp butter in a ramekin. Microwave for 30 sec. Stir to melt. If it doesn't microwave for another 30 sec. Drizzle over cooled Pecan Pie.  Allow it to dry and set for approx. 1 hr.

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    I think, when the end comes, I would die a happy man with the taste of Pecan Pie (any version) on my lips! LOL


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    LOL! Sorry I didn't see this comment till now...unfortunately it didn't win..oh well next recipe ;D