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Introduction: Chocolate-Filled Eggs and FunTags

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Create a nest out of Jute string, fill eggs with chocolate and download my fun tags. An eggcellent project for anyone!

Step 1: Create Nest

Cut a small piece of cardboard and spread a little glue on surface. Starting in the middle, swirl your jute in a circle. Start building up the sides, adding glue to create a nest. A hot glue gun would probably work better! 

Step 2: Create Your Chocolate Eggs

Cut a small circle out of the bottom of a raw egg (i used a nail scissor) and shake out the yolk. Rinse inside with hot water and heat in oven on low heat tfor 20-30 minutes to cleanse and dry out.

Step 3: Fill Your Eggs

At this point, you can dye your eggs. Melt chocolate in microwave. Pour chocolate into a pastry bag or a ziploc bag with a corner cut off. Squeeze chocolate in egg, tapping lightly for chocolate to settle. Put eggs in refrigerator overnight to harden.

Step 4: Create Your Basket and Print Tags

Fill your basket with some Easter grass, arrange your eggs. Print out my tags, cut, attach to toothpicks and insert into basket!
Happy Easter

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    13 Discussions

    So cute and there perfect for easter

    There cool :)
    By the way white chocolate melts the thinnest so its easier to pour

    Your labels are adorable ^^ I love your eggcellent puns

    I made the cake filled version of these for Easter and they were a MASSIVE hit!! I just wish the prep work for the eggs was easier.

    I've always meant to try making these my self. Here in Finland you can buy them also from stores (nougat filled eggs).

    That basket construction looks pretty handy.

    2 replies

    Ahh it was amazing i got some from the market but i cant find them anymore here in Finland do you know where to get them if there are somewhere ? I will sure make some when i go home.

    I personally wouldnt use acctual egg shells but these look like a great easter gift!