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I just got a chocolate fondue set for christmas, but missed out on the recipe  on the chocolate, so my mom and I made some ourselves. Out of curiosity I check in here if there are any good ones and to my big surprise, didn't find anything except various fruits dipped in chocolate and then left to cool.

So here is my contribution for this great forum for those that want to dip their fruits and eat it warm (mmmmmm yummie!!!)

Step 1: Ingredients and Utensils

For the utensils you'll have to have something that will continue to heat up the melted chocolate even after it's off the stove.
In my case it's a two-piece set of a small pot for the chocolate and a candle holder which the pot will stand on.

The ingredients are simple as well:
Creme Fraiche
A spot of cognac/calvados/rum (additional, but don't take too much of it, as there isn't so much chocolate in the cauldron in the beginning)

Step 2: Preparing the Chocolate

We took about 100g of chocolate and 4 spoons of creme fraiche and mixed it together in the pot.

It took about 20-25 min for the chocolate to melt entirely so if you want a quicker way you can do it in a water bath or thickbottomed cauldron.

Step 3: For the Dippings

Alright, now while the chocolate is slowly melting you can take your time to choose your dippings. My personal preferences is fruits such as;
Grapes - green, red, seed or seedless, is all up to your individual tastes

For this instructable I'm only having grapes as I'm making this up as I go.

Slice 'em and dice 'em in suitable sizes, do a nice set up on a big plate or in bowls and place the fruit near the fondue set and wait for the chocolate to mix.

******If You're setting this up for a romantic evening, do everything in advance, light some candles, lower the music a few decibels to get the right mood and cuddle with Your loved One instead ;)

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy!

When the chocolate is entirely melted, take a fork, impale a piece of fruit of your choosing and dip it into the chocolate and enjoy!

When in need of refilling just add the chocolate and creme fraiche.

For that extra bite You can add a few cl of rum, limoncello, amaratto or grand marnier (or similar), but beware NOT to serve this to underaged kids. Even if it isn't alot it does give off a little bit of an alcoholic taste in my opinion. You don't need a lot of liqueur for the slight taste. Too much? Add more chocolate and creme fraiche.

Step 5: What to Do With the Fondue Set When Not Dipping

Using this set just for fondue felt a little bit too limited so I came up with following ideas
  1. Since it's Christmas time it's a time for Glögg here in sweden (there are some lovely recipies on here, I've only tried three or four so far), so I used the candle holder for placing a glass tea pot on with warm glögg in. The glögg will keep warm and it's kinda beautiful to look at in the semi darkness of the candles in the room and the Christmas tree.
  2. Replace the glögg for your favourite tea and always have warm tea next to you when you study, didn't work so well with coffee though :p



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