Chocolate Katamari Ball




Introduction: Chocolate Katamari Ball

Na na na na na na na na na chocolate katamari! Anyway, these just happen to look like an unrolled katamari. You can make them into little flowers, by adding petals to the toothpick stems. The only limit is your imagination!

Good for parties, and easy to make while watching tv (important criteria for my projects).

Step 1: Assemble!

For this you will need...

Chocolate chips (15 or so per katamari)
Whoppers (any malted balls)
Peanutbutter (preferably creamy)
Toothpicks (plain, colorful, or miniswords if you're into that)
Butter knife
Small plate
Styrofoam base (depending on your presentation, obviously not required for eating)

Gather and proceed!

Step 2: Construct!

Spear the Whopper with your toothpick. Next, spread the peanutbutter on said Whopper, using your knife/finger/tongue (I won't judge).
We shall use the peanutbutter as our cement and next we shall stick on the chocolate chips (15 to 17 should do nicely).
The more tightly you can pack the chocolate chips, the better it will look and the less peanutbutter will show.

So that's it?

Step 3: Yeah, That's It!

You're done! Devour and enjoy. Some ideas for presentation follow...

Use white chocolate/dark chocolate/peanutbutter chips

Use pink or yellow to make flowers and have a green toothpick stem.

For a more authentic katamari, use different colored white chocolate chips.

Make a forest by sticking a bunch in a styrofoam base

*Note: I am not responsible for accidentally eaten styrofoam, choking, nor any injuries that might occur while ingesting the katamari. Please chew thoroughly.

Comment/ratings always appreciated!

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    4 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    You might even try using a big Blow-Pop or other large-ish sucker or lollipop as the center.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    It would probably be easier and better to use a core of destickied peanut butter.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    that actually looks pretty good. it might be even better if you try freezing it.