Chocolate Oreo Cookie Cake




Introduction: Chocolate Oreo Cookie Cake

Hi everyone! This is my first instructable.Plzz forgive if there will be any mistake.Now let's see the procedure.

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Step 1: Ingredients

First get yourself 2 packets of chocolate cream Oreo cookies and 1 egg.(can also be made without egg)

Step 2: Crushing

Take the cookies and crush them in a bowl.they should look like the given picture.

Step 3: Adding

After crushing put some milk and mix it for nearly 20 mins.and then add the egg.

Step 4: Mixing

Mix the ingredients with a blender or in a mixing machine.The batter should be smooth after mixing with no pieces.

Step 5: Making

Coat a bowl with oil or desi Indian ghee(most probably for making in India) and pour the batter into the bowl.

Step 6: Finished

After pouring,put the bowl in a microwave or oven and heat it for nearly 7-8 minutes at normal baking temperature.After that check it if it's completely baked and if it is then enjoy!

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3 Discussions


5 years ago

That's really good.keep trying with new ideas


5 years ago

U shud put nearly 1/4-1/2 cup of milk and set ur oven to nearly 160-180 C. Thanks for seeing it and enjoy your cake ???????


5 years ago on Introduction

This looks amazing! How much milk to you put in the mix and how hot should I set the oven to?