Chocolate Oreo Dipped Cookies - Bridal Shower / Baby Shower Party Idea



Introduction: Chocolate Oreo Dipped Cookies - Bridal Shower / Baby Shower Party Idea

These Chocolate Oreo Dipped Cookies are so fun to make and in the end they look too good touch! I always make these for any event I host and it's usually one of the first desserts that everyone finishes :)

Step 1: Dip Oreos

You will first need to melt some chocolate into a bowl. Next using a fork place the oreo cookie on top and tip it entirely into a the chocolate.

Step 2: Let the Cookies Cool Off

Place the chocolate dipped cookies onto a baking sheet so the chocolate can dry off and also the baking sheet will prevent the cookies from sticking. It usually takes maximum 5 minutes for the cookies to dry off.

Step 3: Wrap Cookies With Foil

I bought this foil from the craft store, its usually very easy to find.

Step 4: Wrap Cookies Individually

Next, just simply wrap the cookie individually with the foil and t's ready to serve! Note: do not place them in the fridge otherwise the chocolate will have a white look to it from the cold temperature.

If you want to watch the full tutorial and learn more fun ideas for your party check out my tutorial here :)

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