The Ultimate Way to Eat Popcorn!

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Saturday night and my brother and I got cravings for sweets while watching movies... But we didn't have much in our kitchen so I had to invent something. And then the idea came up to me..! Why eat just popcorn when you can upgrade it to the next level...??

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Step 1: 5 Minutes and You're Ready to Eat!

This recipe is so simple that the only thing you have to do is to make popcorn in whatever way you prefer and melt some chocolate (I'm vegan so I used 80gr of 75% non-diary dark chocolate)!

The quantities of ingredients are up to you. If you want a death by chocolate use as much chocolate you desire, otherwise use less. I made approximately 200gr popcorn and 80gr chocolate.

Pour the melted chocolate on popcorn, mix very well so that it goes everywhere and then simply put in fridge until the chocolate has harden perfectly!

Mmmmmmh...! This is delicious...!!! Try it to believe it...!!

Ciao ciao!

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