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Introduction: Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles typically contain some form of chocolate and cream melted and combined, but nowadays they are more often then not mixed with other ingredients like caramel, mint or maybe chili to make it more interesting. Then finally coated with coco powder, icing sugar or some form of crushed nuts, this isn't really for flavour but to stop the truffle from melting in your hand when you attempt to eat it.

All basic truffle recipes are incredibly simple as far as the mixture is concerned, however  the rolling takes a little bit of a knack, but you will pick it very quickly once you accept your inevitable fate of ending up like a gleaming eyed toddler covered head to toe in delicious chocolate mixture by the end of your cooking session. This coupled with the fact that they shouldn't be perfectly spherical, means this should be one of the most fun recipes you will try. In fact it would be a better truffle if it were irregular and oblong, the  reason they are called truffles is because they are suppose to look like truffles (the ground type this is) which come out of the ground all knobbly and root like. 

This incredibly easy and not to mention cheap recipe will undoubtedly get you some significant attention from the opposite sex considering that truffles are as synonymous to romance as champagne, oysters and red roses are, just without burning a deep hole in your wallet. 

So still interested ? 


300g good-quality dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids
300ml pot double cream
50g unsalted butter
Coco Powder for dusting

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