Chocolate Cake/ Cupcake Decorations.



Introduction: Chocolate Cake/ Cupcake Decorations.

This instructable is mainly about making beautiful 3D chocolate decorations for the cakes, muffins or even cupcakes (One can use it on any sweet - on top of the ice cream, next to pancakes, etc and it is cheap and easy to make). I wanted to make a cake with beautiful roses and butterflies and put butterflies on the side of roses but having a baby does not give me much time for anything :-( I still made butter cream with condensed milk but used it for the cupcakes in the end! I hope you will like my instructable and find it interesting and useful! It's very easy to make it and it looks very pretty! p.s. You can do all sorts of shapes out of it! I draw all this by myself but if you are not very good at drawing then print desired picture out from the internet, put it under a baking paper and draw over the lines, basically copy it and it's ready!

Step 1: Making Chocolate Figures!

First of all get chocolate, piping bag, pen, baking paper and a cardboard paper ready! Draw butterfly, dragonfly or anything you like on the baking paper. I drew two butterflies and a dragonflies and gently folded the baking paper in the centre and reopened it for a bout 90 degree angel. Get cards ready too by folding them in the middle and then opening them up by about 90 degree angle.(make sure you already have enough room in the freezer).
Then take 'Easy Melt Chocolate' and melt it for about 4 minutes (packet says 7 minutes but 4 minutes is enough, so it won't go runny). After the chocolate melted pour it in the piping bag with a tiny ( mine was 1B) nozzle and pour it out on butterfly and dragonfly shapes. Follow the lines slowly and steadily. (you can practice on the plate first but you'll see it's very easy!)
After you make your shapes with chocolate, lift the baking paper gently and put it in your foldid cards, lining up the folds. This folding lifts the wings of your butterflies and dragonflies!
After you've done all this, put your creation in the freezer for about 4-5 minutes and it'll be ready when the wings start peeling off easily.

Step 2: Making a Butter Cream

Ingredients: 200g of unsalted butter, 10 tb spoons of codensed milk, 1 tea spoon of rum essence, 1 tea spoon of vanilla flavouring and 30ml of preboiled water. This should be enough for about 20 cupcakes.
Keep butter at a room temperature for about an hour and two to make it softer. Then mix the butter with the mixer slowly adding the condensed milk. After you mix all the butter with condensed milk add vanilla  and rum essence to mixture and mix it. The mixture is ready!
I put a little bit of cream in the separate bowl and added some  pink  food colouring to it (As I got white with pink cupcake cases I wanted the cream to be white and pink to. You can choose any other colour if you want to). I put pink cream in one side of the piping bag and filled the rest up with white cream, so it came out white with the hint of pink.

Step 3: The Final Touches!

In the end I piped out the cream on the cup cakes and put my chocolate figures on them! (Sorry I put a cut strawberry on one, thought it'd look pretty too!)
Good Luck making it (it's very easy) and enjoy!

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