Chocolate Diet Snack




Introduction: Chocolate Diet Snack

These are a great snack if you are on a diet, because they are sweet and nutty and chocolatey BUT you can't eat more than a couple at a time because of the results.

Step 1: Ingredients

30 dates
150g slivered almonds
100g cooking chocolate

saucepan and bowl for chocolate
frypan for almonds
plate, spoon, knife for dates

Step 2: Roast

The slivered almonds come raw, but taste much better roasted. They go from looking uncooked to overcooked really quickly so it's good to keep watch on them. Cook the almonds first so that they have time to cool down.

Step 3: Cut

Cut and depit the dates.

Step 4: Melt

Melt the chocolate in the bowl over water boiling in the saucepan.

Step 5: Fill

When the almonds are cool, fill the dates.

Step 6: Dip

After squishing the sides of the date together, dip them into the melted chocolate. (Thanks to Kerrie for taking these photos)

Step 7: Finished

Here they are just finished. I let them cool before putting them in the container. They should last a couple of weeks without refrigerating, but they never last that long.



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    17 Discussions

    I wonder if this would work with prunes... I can get prunes locally grown, fill them with locally grown sunflower seeds, and then chocolate them up. No local chocolate here - but it'

    ....dates are a natural 1, you are good, 2, you might want to stop, 3 dear god NO!!!!, 4 WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOU LOON!!!!, must be a glutton for punishment

    Strange. I have never had that be an issue and I have blown through a box of dates in a sitting before.

    This sounds like a nice snack, but the chocolate isn't even needed if you want it healthy. I wonder if you could do a yogurt coating? That would taste awesome...

    You must have sensitive insides. I usually hit them by the handfull, but any more than that and the laxative will start to take effect. If only my wife liked them too... I guess I have to try this recipie and keep it all for myself.

    Sorry, but these sound yummy-hardly dietetic..diuretic perhaps for some-wish dates had this effect on me, but they don' make them a bit healthier, you could sprinkle them with unswweetened fine shredded coconut before the chocolate hardens..

    1 reply

    Good idea about the coconut . depending on the chocolate used,these can be a bit healthier than other sweets . Dates are loaded with sweetness but also Fiber ,which isn't really a diuretic but a bunking agent =). Coffee is much more a diuretic than dates . Same for the caffeine in real chocolate .

    Ripe dates and brown bananas are 2 of the best ways to add sweetness to diet . High in potassium too.

    this is a great idea for an ad-hoc double boiler!

    Loll, this is an evil combination, if I may say so...:))))

    Those sound really delicious! Dates are too sweet for me to really eat more than one, but I love the idea of how you've layered these flavors.