Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cake





Introduction: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cake


120ml sunflower oil
225g light muscovado sugar
3 large eggs
225g self-raising flour
2 very ripe bananas
150ml natural yoghurt
50g dark or milk chocolate chips
3 large Reese's peanut butter cups (if you're from the UK as I am, most supermarkets now sell these...I got mine from Co-op!)
50g smooth peanut butter + 20g for swirling

Preheat oven to Gas4/180C.  Line a 2lb loaf tin with baking paper (I use the ready made liners as I'm lazy!) Using a whisk, mix together the oil, sugar and eggs (1 at a time).  Beat in the 50g peanut butter.
Sift flour into bowl and fold into mixture.
Mash bananas and fold into mixture with the natural yoghurt.
Chop peanut butter cups and fold into mixture, along with the chocolate chips.  Pour mixture into loaf tin.
Melt the 20g of peanut butter on the hob or in a microwave.  Dollop the runny peanut butter on top of the mixture and swirl with a fork.
Bake for around 1hr 20 mins until a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean.  Check cake after 1hr and place foil on top if you feel it's getting too dark.
Peanut butter lovers of the world, enjoy!

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    6 Discussions

    I made this, it's amazing! I'd post a picture but I had a hard time getting it out of the tin; my fault entirely....didn't let it cool enough because I was over excited as it looked AWESOME!

    Sooooooo tasty, thank you for the recipe, this one's going in my collection. :)

    My god, that sounds delicious. I am trying this one!

    Thank you for your lovely comments! Please do have a look at if you can!
    Twitter: @Baking_Joy

    I will bake it soon and I hope it isn`t too difficult to chance the recipe in European measures ;)