Chopped Off Finger Tutorial

Introduction: Chopped Off Finger Tutorial

We are going to show you how to paint a chopped off finger to scare off some of your friends. The materials needed are scar/modeling wax, black and red face paint, fake blood, and a knife.

Step 1: The Wax

The first step is to scoop out some of the wax with your knife and place it on the bent knuckle of the finger you are going to use. It will be like placing a little wax wall on your finger so you cant see the skin past it. The knife is also used to smooth it out down your finger so it becomes less visible.

Step 2: Add the Black Face Paint

The next step is to add a little bit of black face paint (or eyeshadow if you have it) to the wax. it will make it look not as shiny or more realistic. It does not need to be very blended in to the wax.

Step 3: Add the Red Face Paint

The next step is to add the red face paint to get a dry blood effect. It will turn some of the wax red, which is good thing.

Step 4: Blood!

The last step is to glop the fresh blood on to make it look like a brand new wound. Dont do too much or else it wont look very real anymore.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Gross! But nice! Can this be made with something edible?