[Chopstick] Paper Guitar Pick

Introduction: [Chopstick] Paper Guitar Pick

This is a very simple method of folding the paper wrappers of chopsticks (or paper cut into similar dimensions) into a makeshift guitar pick. All that is required is:

Disposable chopstick wrapper/paper in same dimensions (~8-3/4" x 1-1/8")

Step 1: Find You Wrapper/cut Your Paper

Again, ~8-3/4" x 1-1/8"

Step 2: Start Folding

The general shape in the end will be an equilateral triangle, so make the folds as nearly 60 degrees as you can. Make sure that the "tails" of the paper remain about the same length, as well.

Step 3: Keep Folding Around the Triangle

Just follow the edges of the triangle when folding, keeping the layers tight together so the pick will stay sturdy for longer.

Step 4: Tear Off the Access

Once you get down to the ends of the "tails", the end will fold into a little pocket made by the previous folds. To make it a more comfortable fit, tear off part of the paper following the other "tail" edge as a guide.

Step 5: Fold the Ripped Edge Into the Other Folds

Step 6: Finishing Up Folding

If you left one "tail" slightly unfolded like I did, just finish the folding like on the other "tail".

Step 7: Rip and Fold Again

Just like previously, the end is ripped for an easier fit, and folded into the previous folds.

Step 8: The Finished Pick

If you followed these poorly explained steps correctly, you should have something resembling a pick! Yay! Be aware that mileage on it will depend on the intensity of playing, the type of paper used, and how tight the folds are within it.

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