Chopstick Wand.




Introduction: Chopstick Wand.

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

As a Tribute to a passed away Wizard...R.I.P ,HP.
Piece of wood.
Carving Knife
Sand Paper.
Dremel Tool.
Make a Hole In a Piece of wood  (Dovel), start to carve the magic Wand Handle with the Carving Knife, and add some details with the Dremel. Carve the Base of the chopstick, apply some Wood Glue, some Sand paper, and finnally Varnish your New creation.
And get it ready for the Next Halloween party.
Pls rated it.
Hope U like it .



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    this is really excellent. It kind of reminds me of the wand I made, wwhich you can see here: I think we both had some similar ideas.

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    This is an awesome instructable. I've made three different ones and counting. I have been using my dremel tool to cut and sand indents into the wands. Thanks for the awesome instructable.

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