Chris the Chainsawed Pistol




About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

This is Chris.
Chris is a pistol. A rather generic one at that.
Chris features:

- Moving trigger
- "Working" hammer
- Moving slide
- Comfortable
I know a slide and an exposed hammer look weird together, but it's fun.

Then we have the bayonet:
- Motorized chainsaw
- Can attach to almost every gun

Together, they make Chris, the Chainsawed Pistol.

Tell me what you think of it, in the comments.

Step 1: Pistol

This has all the pictures of Chris, and the Chainsaw Bayonet. They speak for themselves.

Step 2: Video



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    3 years ago

    waarom kom ik ernou pas op dat dit me doet denken aan Gears of War


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice, great job! Thanks for sharing yourself, Chris! :D

    Very unusual gun but it does looks great, I did say I would make instructions for another one of your creations and this time it's the Peacekeeper.

    2 replies

    I saw your instructions on the Peacekeeper, but never got around to commenting on them. Congrats on the finals place, by the way!

    Thanks, I never expected to get to a final in my first contest being it was your C.A.R that got me to me into the final so thanks.