Christian Louboutin Macarons




About: I'm a Designer, Creator, Inventor. #1 Hobby - brainstorming. I invented the Unicorn Poop cookie, as published here on instructables. And now I am a metalsmith. <3

French Macarons inspired by the French Designer, Christian Louboutin.  I've been in love with the Spiked Marianna Rider Hobo bag since I first discovered it.  I guess that would be my inspiration.  (Other than the fact that I love black and red with silver.)  And the studs and spikes set that lust into overdrive.  I love-love it. 

The colors came out amazingly for these macarons and I've uploaded an un-edited photo (the last one), so you can see that I didn't alter the colors.  *love*

The only tip or direction on this one, was that I used silver dragees for the "studs" because I knew they were a perfect and controversially-edible fit for this project.  :)



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