Christmas 3d Snowflake


Introduction: Christmas 3d Snowflake

Hello everyone.

I've come out of a very long dry spell of instuctable publishing to bring you this, hope you enjoy!

When I first read about this contest in my weekly e-mail, I knew I wanted to create something light and airy looking. I also wanted to play with the unique structures that an additive manufacturing process such as 3D printing enables. The irremovable globe in a lattice-work of a snowflake suspended by chain link certainly would be hard to carve out by hand!

I think my favorite part of Christmas is snow and sledding, which I represented with a sleigh encapsulated by a snow flake theme. If you look closely, the cuts in the back of the globe are a wintery scene in a forest.

Thanks for viewing, and I hope I earn your vote.


Edit: added the .STL file



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    Well done! I think you've really grasped the concept here, to make something you really couldn't make by hand. I love the intricate design of the sleigh and chain. Good luck in the challenge!