Christmas Abe

Intro: Christmas Abe

I was introduced to this challenge by Etsy. I am a visual artist working at growing my skills in fine arts. The Challenge of 3D printing was intriguing. With the assistance of my son we decided to give it a go. We learned a lot about 3D printing in healthcare and growing our manufacturing right here in the USA.

Step 1: – Learn About 3D Printing

We also went directly to YouTube to explore the many many ways 3D printing will be used in our future.

Step 2: – Learn How to Use Tinkercad and Setup a New Account.

Step 3: - Come Up With the Idea.. Christmas Abe.

We gave a lot of thought to both the history of the White House and to the current President. We decided to go with Abe Lincoln.

Step 4: - Get My Son Interested in the Challenge for His Engineering / Cad Experience.

Step 5: - Using the Basic Shape Listed Below Created Christmas Abe.

Round Roof - shoes

Cylinder - legs, torso, neck, arms, hat and accent belt on the back

Sphere – head, eyes, bow tie and hands

Paraboloid – nose

M and Box – mouth

Pyramid – for bow tie

Stars and diamonds for buttons

Torus- hanger

Step 6: Steps 6,7 and 8

Step 6- Colored all the parts.

Step 7- Converted millimeters to inches in order to re-size to scale.

Step 8 – Saved and downloaded.

This challenge showed me that art is still about the adventure and always about the details.

Step 7: Download .stl File



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