Christmas Balls

Introduction: Christmas Balls

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Turn your favorite holiday image into a fun paper ornament for your tree!

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Step 1: See How Easy They Are to Make Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

Holiday print out on card stock

8” medium gage wire


Needle nose pliers


2 beads, 2 large sequins

1 drinking straw

Large safety pin or needle

Pin cushion

10” of ribbon

Step 3: Here's How!

1. Trim your print out to 6" x 11" making sure the image falls at the 3" mark

2. Cut 6” x 3/4” wide strips as you see in the photo. You will need 16 strips so save the extra pieces for filler

3. With your safety pin, poke a hole on each end of each strip 1/4” up from the edge and right in the center

4. Poke a hole in the center of the large sequins if you need to

5. Cut the straw to 3"

6. Bend a loop in the end of the wire

7. Add a bead and then a sequin

8. Line your strips in a stack in order

9. Starting at the top of the stack, thread them on the wire FACE DOWN toward the sequin

10. Add the straw

11. Starting from the strip that touches the sequin, thread each strip on the wire one by one

12. Add a sequin, then a bead, clip and bend a loop in the wire. Hand on a ribbon and you're done!

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