Christmas Card Ornaments Using Empty Ribbon Holders

Introduction: Christmas Card Ornaments Using Empty Ribbon Holders

Such an easy homemade craft.

Step 1:

What you'll need- empty ribbon holders, a piece of ribbon to use as the hanger, old Christmas cards, family pics, a childs artwork, or whatever else you'd like to use along this line, glue, and glitter (optional).

Step 2:

Cut out two pictures, cards, artwork, etc to the same size as the empty ribbon holder, so you will end up with one picture on each side.

Step 3:

There are a few options for this step:  I used paint in the example picture.

-Cut a piece of ribbon that compliments the colors in your picture equal to the distance around the empty ribbon holder, then use glue to hold in place.

- Use acrylic paint to add color instead of the ribbon as mentioned above.

- Other possible options- rope, twine, wrapping paper, marker, stickers, rubber stamps or even leave it as is.   

Step 4:

Take some ribbon, or whichever media you wish to use as the hanger, and glue one end of the ribbon towards the top of one of the flat sides of the empty ribbon holder, and then glue the other end of the hanger onto the other flat side as well.

Step 5:

 Now take the pictures you cut out and glue one to each side, be sure they are both facing up, so as the ornament turns they are both upside right.   I used a hot glue gun, but for little ones, the glue sticks should hold just perfectly and give them time to adjust the picture as needed. 

You can also decorate with finishing bows, buttons or any other embellishments as well.

That's it, a beautiful and easy Christmas card ornament! 

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