Christmas Card Wreath




Introduction: Christmas Card Wreath

If you want to make an easy and light wreath(because your door doesn't have something to hang it on) you can make this one! It's really easy! All you need is: 
-a hanger
-Old (or new) Christmas cards
-Glue gun
-Some Christmas ornaments

How to do it:
-You get the hanger and make it round with the help of pliers.
-You arrange the cards and make it the way you want it.
-You glue them onto the hanger with the glue gun. (If you want you can put a paper behind the hanger, it's easier this way because the hanger has small width and the glue may fall)
-Then you glue the ornaments're finished!!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Easy,cheap,quick and gorgeous!Love it!Well done!