Christmas Chocolate Jars

Introduction: Christmas Chocolate Jars

We drink a lot of coffee and often buy the 100g jars. I like to keep these because they might come in handy! Well this christmas they have. We bought some of the big tins of christmasy sweets, Celebrations, Qaulity street and roses. now a tin itself is cheap enough buy a bit big to give one person and lacks thought.

First you will need to clean the jars of their labels - I have used Kenco rappor jars (the other jar is a douwe egberts jar - (my fav jar) so the only label is around the glass. You can remove most of the label leaving a bit of paper on the glue.
Fill the jars with really Hot water and this should melt the glue and when you pull the paper the glue should come off too. If not a bit of window cleaner helps finish the job.

I filled with a mixture of chocolates - you could even fill on a personal level with the recipients favourites!

Tied a bit of ribbon around the neck Personalised tags will be next once I have decided who is getting them. Perfect stocking filler without too much chocolate.

Oh I do plan on making my own chocolate nut. Melt some dark chocolate spread out some nuts and maybe dried fruit on a baking sheet. Poor over the dar chocolate. Wait for it to set. crack it in to bite sized pieces and place in the jars too.

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