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Introduction: Christmas Countdown Frame

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I don't think there's a date in the year more expected than Christmas! Having a countdown before Christmas makes every day more exciting and fun. I made this Christmas lights frame for a chalkboard I already had at home.

Step 1: Gather All Your Stuff

MDF blackboard (I got this kind at Michaels)

3/4" PVC pipe (size according to the perimeter of your blackboard)

4 PVC elbows

PVC cutter

PVC pipe cement

A 3 meter string of Christmas lights.

Nail and hammer / Drill

Thick flexible wire

Tape measure



Step 2: Cut PVC

Use your marker and measure tape. Measure the short sides of your blackboard and cut two pieces 1.5 inches smaller than the side to consider the elbows. Do the same with the long sides of the rectangle. You will then have two small pieces (same size) and 2 longer pieces (same size). This is very easy to do with the PVC pipe cutter.

Step 3: Glue

Glue the elbows with the PVC cement by putting some at the end of each pipe and pushing the elbow firmly in the direction where you want it to be. Just leave the last one open to make the next step easier.

Step 4: Christmas Lights

Roll up your lights starting with the end of the string. Put each turn very close to the previous one and very tight to the pipe. Continue until you've completed all your frame. Before getting to the end of it remember to glue the last elbow before putting the string on it.

Step 5: Holes

Use your nail and hammer (or your drill) to make holes in the corners of your blackboard and in the upper center of it. You'll have to use your wire and pliers to make a little hook for hanging it.

Step 6: Attach the Frame

Cut 6" wire pieces to attach the frame to your blackboard. Use the pliers to twist the two ends to hold it firm.

Step 7: Ready!

Your Christmas frame is now ready to shine and it looks amazing!

Share the Christmas spirit!

Happy Holidays!

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