Christmas Creeper

Introduction: Christmas Creeper

This is a 3D printed creeper with diffrent connectable parts 4 legs and a head and body which you connect everything to .

Step 1: Head

First step making a head you want to start of with a square size of your choice to make the eyes you can make circles i used squares and to make a mouth i used several small squares to make a 2 by 2 and added 3 of the same squares down each sides.

Step 2: Head

now to make a hole or any shape so it is possible for your head to go onto your body lets say you make your square 20 by 20 your going to want to make it 20.10 by 20.10 so it actually slides in or else it just wont fit

Step 3: Legs

To make your legs you need a small block I would recommend making your leg so it slides into your body using a smaller triangle put it on the corner of the square and i would recommend placing a small support piece so it wont fall out or break off now group that leg and copy it now un group it so you can make the triangle bigger so the leg fits you are going to want to hole the copied legs for later. One IMPORTANT thing to do is cut a little piece of the leg so it fits or else it will intercept with the other leg (on one leg only) now both legs can slide in.

Step 4: Body

To make a body I used a large rectangle adding a necklace is optional now grab your copied legs that are holed and put them on the 4 corners of the bottom and then group them creating an outline so you can slide in your legs now go to the top of your body and add the square you used to make a hole in your head and put it on the top it should be a bit smaller so the head slides onto the body.

Step 5: Gluing(optional)

You can decide to glue your your parts together or leave them apart if you are going to glue them use super glue put a dab of glue on the interior of the head and put it on press tightly until it dries now put a little bit of glue on the side of the leg that is going to be going inside know slide it in.

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    2 years ago

    So cool! I love creepers!