Christmas Decor

In this instructable I will be describing the basic simple decorations made during Christmas celebration

As follows :

1. Christmas crib

2. Christmas Tree

3. Christmas Tree ornaments

4. Star

5. Wreath

Lets see the decorations begun at my home

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1. Christmas Tree.

2. Christmas ornaments.

3. Blickering light

4. Star

5. Led bulb

6. Rubberband

7. Ice cream sticks (100)

8. Paint ( Brown)

9. Termacol. (5 squares)

10. Glue

11. Paint brush

13. Double side tape

14. Feviquik

15. Scissors

16. Fevicol


First of we will have to see the priority which should be given to be made first

At first will Will hang the Star first because the most known people is our neighbours and they may not be knowing this is a Christmas month so that on the first day of December the star must be hanged wreath too

Secondly the Tree and Christmas crib this represents the in such a beautiful scenery the Christ Jesus was born the crib represents the the place where he born ( cow yard)

In this instructable my significant theme is making Christmas crib and decorating the tree


Firstly have a proper sketch about the crib and start. Take the ice cream sticks and make it stick together a shown in image similarly make 20 sets

And now take four sets and try to make it attach with small piece of stick by applying feviquik so that it would be strong

And now keep the combination on the termacol
And cut it with a cutter so that it would be finely shaped and paint the combination with Brown paint and stick the combination to termacol with double side tape so that finally we will have 5 combination (i.e) [4+4+4+4+4]

Basically we all will know the construction of cow yard but we can have slight modification in the place where Jesus born. Connect all the walls with tooth pick and carefully connect the roof. If we use more tooth pick I assure that the hut will be strong

Place the dolls the As shown in images

1. Infant jesus

2. Joseph

3. Mother Mary

4. Kings

5. few sheeps

6. A cow and a camel

7. And few shepards

We can have some grasses sprinkled on the place where they stand


Hang the Christmas Tree ornaments on the tree and surround the tree and crib with blikering light


This a cheap ,easiest ,attractive decoration which can be made during Christmas month

I hope u have enjoyed and must try

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