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Introduction: Christmas Dream Catcher - 2013

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The Dream Catcher is so well-known from the Twilight movie . This tut is just an idea for you to make a Christmas gift : Dream Catcher combined with Christmas style.
I'm sure that you have ever seen the Dream Catchers , which are mystery , because of its colors and items attached . This early week i hear my friend talked about Christmas and she wanted to prepare gifts for her cousins , she asked to make dream catchers for her since she had seen my Dream catcher before. My first DC is here . It was a gift . So , an idea has just flashed in my head and i started to make these things at night .

First , think about Christmas style , actually colors . Green , Red , Gold , White ...
Second , items , bell , leaves , ribbon , text ,...

Then you'll know how to choose materials and which will be chosen .

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Step 1: What You Need .

Red is the main color you'll see , people like to see red at Christmas eve . For example , i immediately thought about a wreath , just search for images to refer . Wreaths used to be made from leaves ( green ) , and people like to attached a ribbon bow ( red) as you can see in the second picture . But i wanted to attach two leaves under two bells and ribbon bow so i choose a red wreath as you see in the first picture .
First picture gave me some ideas , you can put some decorative items like that .

Basically , what you need are : ribbons ( for Christmas ) , rings ( big and small ) , bells (big and small ) , feather ( colorful ) , ribbon bows ( for Christmas ) , decorative cord , and more .... i dont' list them here , just go to local shop and see some of Christmas decorative items , and dont' just think about these pictures , you'll know what you're needing . I spent almost an hour in shops to buy decorative things . So many ideas came .

The previous day , i bought a lot of things to make another dream catcher , like a wreath .

Step 2: Decorating the Rings .

I used 2 rings , the big one is the main and the small one is the center of this dream catcher . Besides that , you'll need another small ring to be a hanger .
So , decorate these rings with christmas ribbon ( ribbon with text " Merry Xmas " or s.t like that) .
1/ Choose your ribbon color : Christmas ~ Red/Green , it's up to you.
2/ Think about the net color. Which color is suitable for Xmas eve ? I'll use red for green ring , or inverse . See images and you'll know how to do this step .
3/ You can attach some decorative objects around the ring (suggestion) . Flowers are great , or just different color ribbon , or small bell , some leaves , christmas spheres ...

The other DC :
1/ Cut the big robe with a length for a diameter you expect. Mine is 37,68 cm .
2/ Use hot glue as you see .
3/ Milk glue / Polyvinyl Acetate Adhesive Latex and a brush . See images .
you can dilute glue with water and spread glue over green grass after gluing them to the robe .

Step 3: Knitting the Net

Just follow images . Tighten or loosen . Just > 3 and <5 layers , then put the small ring in the center and use a cord to attach it to the net. Then , the bell .

Once again , i recommend you to search for images by google :D . A lot of dream catchers are stylized , and the authors are willing to show you how to do that .

Step 4: Decorating

Plz see images .

Now finish your DC for this Christmas . I've just showed you how i've got this idea and some first steps , but you can go further . I made 3 Dream Catchers and will display their photos in next steps as soon as i finish .

Step 5: Dream Catchers

Some DCs

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    4 years ago

    I have been searching for a tutorial on Dream Catchers and yours is the absolute best! The colors are so pretty, bright and happy. I know how much time you've put into this and want to say "Thank You for sharing your ideas here!"