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Introduction: Recycled Cardboard Vase

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Trees clean the air, soil and water, making the earth a livable place. They are so integral to human wellbeing that just living close to trees makes us healthier and happier. If you want to save trees, you can help by recycling materials such as paper and cardboard.

Make this cardboard flower vase for your loving one.This one is best thing to gift someone on the Christmas.

I love shopping.In each shopping from a online store, I get cardboard carton.I never throw it away.But after some times a piles of cardboard boxes are sits inside my home. It looks pretty ugly. I wanted to reduce this pile of boxes.So the best option come to mind is to make something from this cardboard.I make this cardboard flower vase to recycle the cardboard as well as to make my room neat and clean.

At the end of this tutorial I will explain how you can use this vase for making a small hydroponics system as well as decorating with paper flowers.

If you want to see the Hydroponics System only then click here

If you want to make the paper flowers only then click here

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Step 1: Materials Need :

1. Cardboard

2.Empty coke can

3. A4 size white paper




7.Hobby Knife

8.Money Plant

9.Color craft papers

10.Small stones

Step 2: Prepare the Cardboard

Open up the boxes until you have enough cardboard.

Cut out at each folding portion by a scissor or a knife.

Now the small sheets of cardboard are ready for use.

Step 3: Make the Template

Mark a vertical line on the A4 size paper which divides it into two equal halves.

Place the empty can over it at center and mark the outline by a pencil.

Draw two horizontal parallel line slightly larger than the can height.

Now try to sketch the vase in free hand.

If you are good in drawing then no need for above things.Just make the vase in free hand.

After drawing the vase outline,cut it out by using a hobby knife or scissor.I used my Xacto knife.

Step 4: Make the Cardboard Template

Place the paper template over the cardboard.

Apply scotch tape (any tape) to place the paper firmly.

Mark the out line by using a marker.

Cut out the marked portion by a scissor or a hobby knife.

Repeat this process until you make sufficient cardboard template.In my case it was 18.The numbers of templates depend on the can diameter.The total thickness should be more than the can diameter.

Step 5: Cut Slot for the Can

Place the can at the center of the cardboard template.

Mark the outline by a marker/pencil.Mark the slot wide enough to fit the can.

Cut the slot by using a scissor/hobby knife.

Repeat this process for all the templates ( Leave two template as it is for front and back side of the vase)

Step 6: Assemble All Together

Glue the slotted templates one by one.After applying glue,press it by hand (apply pressure) to stick firmly.

Take the two templates without the slots.Glue one in the front and the other one in the back.

Leave for few minutes to dry it out.

Insert the can in to the slotted portion to check it out.

Note : I used hot glue for convenient but you can use any strong glue.

Step 7: Paint the Vase

For more attractive look you can paint it.But this is optional.

I paint with acrylic gold color.

Step 8: Prepare the Can

Cut the top portion of the coke can.I use my Dremel rotary tool for this.If you have a can opener then it is quite easy.

Wash the inside portion of the can by water.

Dry it out and place it inside the vase slot.

Now you have your... 100% RECYCLED VASE!.

Safety : Wire safety glass during the cutting.

Step 9: Make a Small Hydroponics System

For making a small hydroponics, I choose Money Plant as it is very easy to grow.Money plant is one of few plants which can be directly rooted in water.

The step by step guide for cutting and rooting money plant vine in the water is given bellow.

1.Select a healthy looking money plant vine.

2..Make a clear, sharp cut at 45 degree angle on just above a node. ( node is the distinct visible joint on the vine from where leaves emerge).

3.Pour water to fill 3/4th part of the can. Water should be clean and clear. Avoid using dirty water as it can have harmful bacteria in it.

4.Keep the small outgrowth at nodes below the water level, these outgrowths grow into roots. In 1-2 weeks roots will start developing.

5.Put the vase on shaded place where money plant gets indirect sun light.

6. Keep changing water as soon as you find it turbid or better change it every week.

8. If you want then add few drops of liquid fertilizer to it.

Step 10: Make the Paper Flowers

To look the vase attractive,I made swirly paper flowers.

The flowers can be made easily .I am not going through the details of making the flowers. Because there is a nice instructable on it

You can see it DIY Swirly Paper Flowers.

I would like give special thanks to Muhaiminah Faiz for writing this nice instructable.

Decorate the flowers :

Drop few stones inside the can.It is not mandatory.It is just used to make the vase heavier, so that it can sit firmly.

Then Insert the stem of the flowers inside the can.

Wish you " Merry Christmas".

Hope you enjoyed my instructables. Please subscribe for more projects and ideas. Thanks :)

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    Neat work! The vase looks great, I hope to make one and color it in gold ^_^