Christmas Interior & Diorama Hacks

Introduction: Christmas Interior & Diorama Hacks

The day is comming! Wait, haven't you missed somthing?

If you are planning to spend your time watching 'Home Alone', these interior hacks will make your day even better.

You can easily find the materials around, so don't worry ;)

Step 1: Glittering Candle Jar

Materials you need:

  • a glass jar
  • snowflake stickers
  • wood glue
  • candles
  • glitters

Mix glue and glitters and drop some water. The glue helps glitter particles to stick well to the jar.

Spread the mixture well on the jar.

Wait for 0.5~1 hour so the glue gets dry.

Put some stickers on the jar and it's done! How easy :)

Step 2: Snowy Pine Cone Decorations

Materials you need:

  • a wooden box(I chose black one)
  • pine cones
  • wood glue
  • white acrylic paint
  • some glitters(not necessary)

Mix glue, white acrylic paint and glitters all. It should be like a dough.

Apply the mixture on pine cones.

Put them in the box.


The jar we made in the first step or other little props would make them even nicer.

Step 3: Snowy Winter Diorama

Materials you need:

  • tree miniature
  • other cute miniatures(I chose a vintage red car)
  • a glass vase
  • a piece of styrofoam(one with lots of grains)

Put the miniatures in the vase using hot glue.

Grind the styrofoam with cheese grater and make snows. (You can do it by your hand if you don't have one.)


Step 4: Prepare Popcorn

Everything's done :) Turn lights off, sit on the couch and enjoy your delightful Christmas!

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    This looks great. You should enter this into the Homemade Gifts contest that is currently running.

    KONGDOLE production
    KONGDOLE production

    Reply 2 years ago

    Oh! I didn't know there was a contest. Thank you for your advice! :D