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Introduction: Christmas Jumper

This relatively simple, easy to make Christmas jumper can be made in under an hour and will still look great at any 'ugly Christmas jumper' party!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1 old jumper
Green Tinsel
6 Baubles
Large white pom-poms
Small, light boxes
Wrapping paper
Felt tips

Step 2: The Tree

To make the tree, set out the tinsel in a tight zig-zag pattern along the front of the jumper. The start of the line, sew a couple of stitches into the fabric underneath. Next, wrap the thread around the tinsel and sew it down. Do this on each bend of the tinsel.

Step 3: The Presents

Find 3-5 small, light boxes. I used a mix of 'Terry's chocolate orange' boxes and cassette tape boxes. Wrap the boxes in wrapping paper and put a ribbon around it. Make sure to leave a line of ribbon to tie the presents to the jumper.
Make small holes along the bottom of the jumper. Tie a present to every other hole. In the holes in between, Tie a large white pom-pom to look like snow balls. If you don't have any pom-poms, have a look at my instructable on how to make them, .

Step 4: The Baubles

Sew 3 baubles to each arm, evenly spaced apart Don't sew them too close to the armpit, or else it'll be a little uncomfortable to wear!

Step 5: Santa Clause

This is my favourite bit of the whole jumper. Cut an arrow shape out of a piece of card. Decorate one side to be the 'nice' side and the other side to be 'naughty'.
Carefully, sew the card to Santa's hands, leaving a small length of thread between the hand and the card. Make sure the arrow will be pointing to you when it's on the jumper. (If it is stitched onto the left shoulder, the arrow should point to the right, if it's on the right shoulder, point it to the left.
Make sure you can flip the arrow around so it can saw either naughty or nice.
Sew Santa onto one shoulder. Make sure to sew it securely so it doesn't fall off.

Step 6: Ta-dah!

Ta-dah! Your Christmas jumper is complete!
If you make this jumper, or any other one, post a picture in the comments box!
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